Saturday, April 23, 2011


I'm a little behind in posting, but today I'm excited to post about my P90x 30 day results (after Phase 1). When I started on Day 1, I committed to spending the next 90 days following this program. I figured that even if I didn't see results after 30 days, I would still give it my all until the program was complete and then judge the effectiveness of the program at that time.

Well, 30 days have come and gone and I can testify that this program works! There were days when I didn't think I was losing inches or getting stronger, but I guess when you see yourself everyday you don't notice the little changes so I'm glad I took measurements before I started so I'd have some to compare my 30 days. Now granted, these aren't HUGE results, but I wasn't in horrible shape to begin with---I just wanted to tone up before Summer. And with these results after 30 days, I'm encourage about what 90 days will do. I've heard that women doing this program see the most results around the 70-90 day mark.

So here are my results...

Day 1/Day 30

Weight: 126/122.6
Chest: 34/33
Under chest: 29/29
Right Arm: 11.5/11.25
Left Arm: 11/11
Naval waist: 28.25/27
Natural waist: 26/25.5
Hips: 40/39
Right thigh: 22.25/21.75
Left thigh: 22.25/21.75
Right calf: 13/12.75
Left calf: 13.25/12.75
Body Fat%: 23.93/20.49

Encouraging to say the least :)

Because I'm a little behind in posting, I'm actually almost through with Phase 2 week 1. Hoping to be able to do a recap of this week soon......

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