Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I love good news!

Woke up to some wonderful news today!

First of all, my hometown basketball team, the Dallas Mavericks beat the LA Lakers on LA turf in Game 1 of the second round of the Western Conference NBA Playoffs last night. Woohoo go Mavs!! The BF and I went to Game 1 of the first round against Portland and had a great time thanks to some very generous people who gave us their box seats, $180 of spending money on food, drinks, and gear, and free parking passes. That was quite a fun evening!

Second good news, Trader Joe's is coming to Dallas! The paper said they plan to open up a store in Dallas before the end of the year. Let me preface this excitment by saying that I've actually never set foot in a Trader Joe's, but after years of all sorts of food, health and fitness blogs singing its praises, I am just thrilled about this new shopping option. I am very fortunate to have Whole Foods, Central Market, Tom Thumb, and Aldi within less than a 2 mile radius. And for all I know, Trader Joe's could be in far North Dallas and be almost 10 miles away, but still.....it's just one more option :)

And now for a P90x update....I'm now pretty well into Phase 2. I actually finished up week 2 yesterday and have a rest day today. Some quick observations about Phase 1 vs. Phase 2 and my progress:

-I absolutely feel stronger and have more cardio endurance
-I don't feel like I want to die after Core Synergistics anymore (after the first time I did this workout, I laid on the floor in a pile of sweat for about 10 minutes and refused to move)
-I can make it through all the workouts now
-My flexibility has increased. I now have to use a yoga block when doing seated hamstring stretches because my hands reach way past my feet.
-Clothes are still looser, but not sure if I've lost anymore weight or inches
-I no longer dread jumping jacks
-I find humor in Tony Horton...some of the things he says just crack me up

The only new workout that I have in Phase 2 is "Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps" which replaces "Shoulders and Arms" from Phase 1. This workout is HARD. I've built up my arm strength over the years to the point that before starting P90x I could do about 15 regular (no knees) push-ups in a row. Not bad. However, this workout makes my arms shake!! There are a zillion variety of push-ups in this workout and it's not humanly possible for me to do all of them without going on my knees.

For all this work, I better have kick ass arms by the end of 90 days!! Like this--->

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