Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Done baby done!

Friday was CardioX which is actually one of my favorite workouts in the P90X system. Most of the workouts are at least an hour long, yoga is 90 minutes, and on the days that Ab RipperX is added, that's an extra 16 minutes or so. CardioX is unique in that's it the shortest in time, only about 45 minutes long. The other thing I like about this workout is that it combines 3 of the "cardio" workouts into one. The beginning section is yoga, the middle section is Kenpo (like kickboxing) and the last section is Plyometrics. It's a perfect blend of all three and helps the time to fly by!

I stepped on the scale Friday morning and was down another pound! The weight has been coming off pretty slowly, but I don't have a ton to lose, so as long as it's steady that's fine with me. I average about 1/2lb-1lb loss a week, which is healthy.

Saturday was Yoga X day, which is one tough little yoga workout. It's a full 90 minutes of intense yoga complete with balance poses and "yoga belly 7" which is a mini ab workout (very pilates-esque IMO).

I haven't quite mastered this one yet....and by "quite" I mean NOT EVEN CLOSE!! Crane pose is so hard, but my BF gave me the tip of squeeze in with your knees as the same time you push out with your arms, and that helps!

With the Yoga X workout, I officially finished PHASE 1 woohoo!!! Coming tomorrow are my 30 day measurements...inches lost :)

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